About EuropeUnexplored....

‚ÄčWe, at EuropeUnexplored are travel enthusiasts who have traveled extensively across Europe and are in love with it. We have travelled like locals - used public transportation, shopped from local grocery shops, had our meals at roadside cafes. We have stayed in plush hotels as much as we have stayed in small apartments in unknown but incredibly beautiful European gems. 

However, we understand the Indian traveller. We understand his apprehensions, interests, orientations and specific requirements. And hence we came up with EuropeUnexplored to help you  experience Europe completely Off the Beaten Track

The Authors

Ourselves: Shweta Shah and Viral Shah, both travel enthusiasts from Mumbai, India. By profession we are both Chartered Accountants. We have collectively travelled across almost all European countries and regions and are in love with Europe! We believe sincerely that we can add value to you and help you plan your perfect European vacation! 

All we aspire is for us to have the satisfaction of planning the perfect European vacation for you

Europe off the Beaten Path!!