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Austria is somewhere in between Switzerland and Germany! Accommodation in most of Austria is reasonable. If booked in advance and depending on the tourist season, one may find good 3 star hotels for Euro 70-80 / night for 2 in Salzburg and slightly more in Innsbruck. The Salzkammergut area is more expensive but one has options to rent apartments for cheaper. While staying in the Inner Ring of Vienna is super expensive (tariff could be Euro 200 per night for 2 or even more), go a little farther away and one should be able to find reasonable accommodation (even lower than Euro 100 per night for 2). Food across Austria is reasonable. Shopping across Austria is expensive.

Austria is very safe. In smaller villages, people are helpful to the traveller. Generally people are less friendlier in bigger cities like Vienna but this should not be much of a problem. While the Austrian people, especially are reluctant to speak English, a few words in German can help break ice.


ParameterRating (On 5)
Travel Infrastructure4.5
Tourist Friendliness4.0
English spoken4.5
Money's worth4.5

the best places to visit in austRIA

No. of daysDestination
Salzburg and its musical charm. Visit the Hohensalzburg fortress, Mirabell Gardens, Getreidegasse in the Old town (Altstadt), Untersberg and Hellbrunn Trick Fountains. 
4-5 Add Vienna and its magical charm. Orient yourself to Vienna and spend time in the Inner Ring, spend time in the Schoenbrunn Palace, check out the ultimate St. Stephens Cathedral, old town,  see the United Nations set up, take a cruise along the River Danube
6-7 Add the quaint city of Innsbruck for its romantic charm, Goldenes Dachls, Hofwirthe 

Austria off the Beaten Track
No. of daysDestination
8-10 The Salzkammergut area south of Salzburg for unspoilt nature. Choose from villages such as Hallstatt, Sankt Wolfgang, Sankt Gilgen and Zell Am See. Visit the highest point in Austria, boat around, hike, have good food. Simply relax in Salzkammergut

team europeunexplored's travel tips to austria

  • ​Attend a  Viennese concert in impeccable attire. The Viennese place handkerchiefs to secure their places in the Opera House. This can be an enriching experience.
  • While concert tickets cost a lot, you need not book. A day before the concert, people in Mozart outfits outside the Staatoper (Opera House) in Vienna would sell you tickets for as low as Euro 20 per person
  • In Vienna, experience the coffee culture. The Viennese sit hours inside a coffee house, reading newspapers or chit chatting. 
  • Have Sacher Torte (Austrian chocolate pastry served with generous dollops of cream) in Cafe Sacher.
  • Book three months in advance on and get great fares. We travelled from Salzkammergut to Vienna in Euro 19. 
  • Contrary to expectations, Vienna is not very expensive for shopping. Patronize the numerous shops in the Wien Westbahnhof  (Railway station). Outstanding fabric, shoes, purses starting Euro 25. 
About Austria

World over Austria is more visited than Switzerland. Some people call it a cousin of Switzerland but we prefer to call it the rich cousin of Switzerland. In fact only a comparison with Switzerland would be unfair as Austria has undoubtedly more to offer. In terms of natural beauty, it is in no way inferior to Switzerland. The Salzkammergut area in our view is even more beautiful than any place in Switzerland. If the names of Mozart and Beethoven are to synonymous to music then Austria is the birthplace of classical music. Visit Salzburg and feel the town grow on you as you approach the old town! Vienna is history, music, grandeur and a cultural classic. For those historically oriented, understand the imperial lifestyle of the Hofburg dynasty who ruled over the country for more than 600 years, the reign only to be halted by the onset of World War I. In Austria, even unheard of towns can compel one to spend time in them!


​​Orientation in Austria is not very difficult. Vienna is far to the east, Salzburg in the centre and Innsbruck to the west.  Head south of Salzburg and you get into Salzkammergut and the villages of St. Gilgen, St. Wilfgang, Hallstatt and Zell am Zee. Once done with the north, head deep to the south to Graz through the mountanous terrain. 


Austria too is very well equipped with public transportation - an efficient mix of trains and buses. The Austrian OBB, the Austrian train system is extremely quick, efficient and if booked in advance - not very heavy on the pocket. For schedules check