Plush green meadows with cattle grazing adjoining a crystal clear lake with beautifully adorned houses overlooking snow capped mountains - and all of this in the same frame. If this is your idea of a vacation, this area would not disappoint you. 

This region is the essence of continental Europe, one every Indian has longed to go since DDLJ times. The region is equally rich in culture, history and technology. Almost everything is worth visiting and each country can have its own itinerary stretching into more than 15 days. DO NOT MISS the heart of Europe - Germany, Switzerland and Austria.

What to Expect:

Nature:Really not much to choose between Switzerland, Austria and Bavarian part of Germany. All of them share the Alps and are stunningly beautiful. Places to see - Salzburg, Zermatt, Interlaken and Rhine Falls. 

Off the Beaten Path: Salzkammergut area in Austria, towns around Lake Geneva in Switzerland as well as Lugano near the Italian border and in Bavaria - Rothenburg ob Tauber, Berchtesgaden, Garmisch - Partenkirchen. Also not to miss is Lake Constance and Lindau in Germany

History: Not to miss the cities of Berlin, Munich, Nuremberg in Germany and Vienna in Austria. It is actually interesting to note how embarassed Germans are for the role their country has played in the two biggest wars the world has seen. Very little of Adolph Hitlers' remains actually have been preserved. However, do not miss Berlin - the hotbed of the Cold War and the Berlin Wall, something that remained up to a couple of decades ago.  In Vienna, understand the long legacy of the Habsburgs, who ruled for more than 600 years. 

Off the Beaten Path: Not for the faint - hearted, check the concentration camps of Dachau near Munich and Sachsenhausen near Berlin for what happened to the Jews in the Second World War. Do not miss the town of Nuremberg and Weimar in the East German side - both cities of tremendous historical significance

Culture and music: The musical cities of Salzburg and Vienna. Check on the  Sound of music tour in Salzburg, Austria

Off the Beaten Path: Do not miss attending a concert in Vienna. Concert tickets are expensive (upward of Euro 50). However, near the State Opera (Staatsoper) some vendors sell tickets at times for as cheap as Euro 10-20 per person. These concerts are fantastic. 

Central Europe

Europe off the Beaten Path!!

Technology: Arguably, the Germans make the World's best cars and without doubt have the World's Best Roads. Take the pleasure of driving on the Autobahns, do not miss visiting the BMW Museum in Munich or the Mercedes Car Museum in Stuttgart, both in Germany

Also, to experience high-speed train, take a ride on the Inter City Express (ICE). 

Off the Beaten Path: The Swiss Museum of Transport Museum in Lucerne in Switzerland.