About Europe

Many may wonder "Why only Europe?". Europe offers something to travellers with all orientations: natural beauty - snow clad mountains -  surrounded by crystal water lakes and meadows with cattle grazing, blend of modernised and traditional culture, history - royal castles and war memorials, arts - finest museums and enchanting paintings, the best beaches and resorts with vibrant night life, world class infrastructure - best network of high speed trains, underground trains, trams, buses you can swear about their punctuality, lifestyle - fashion capitals of the world and cutting edge technology... And if visited in the right season, one can see daylight even at 10 pm 

Contrary to perceptions, if planned well, Europe on a Budget is possible.  Travel as a local, you'll save a lot and enjoy a lot more as well!! The best way to explore Europe is by making several trips where one covers one-two countries each per trip. 

​Like any geography, Europe can also be divided into 5 parts - Northern EuropeSouthern Europe, Western Europe, Eastern Europe and Central Europe  

South: Pristine clear blue waters, the best beaches, exotic resorts blended with the beauty of snow clad Alps  - head to South of Europe. However to typecast this region would be unfair. Italy and Spain have the world's most and third most UNESCO world heritage sites respectively. This region is seeped in history and culture. Feel the vastness of the Roman empire, see the Vatican - the home of the Pope and the grandest church of the world in Rome, see the Blue Grotto on the island of Capri in Italy, relish the best pizzas in the world in Italy, check on the almost unimaginable architecture of Antoni Gaudi in Barcelona, understand the Muslim architectural and cultural influence in the south of Spain, relax on the finest beaches in Ibiza, Tenerife and MallorcaFor a relatively different European experience, see Spain, Portugal, Italy, Greece. 


One of the most prosperous and egalitarian part of Europe.  Travelling across merely this part of Europe offers varied experiences to a traveller - Nature takes a different meaning with the fjords and glaciers in Norway, culture tourism with the Viking Culture in Sweden, the birthplace of Santa Claus in Rovaniemi in Finland and the famous Finnish saunas, in the right season see the midnight sun at Inari, cycle around in the most cycled country of the world in Netherlands, see canals second only to Venice in Ghent and Bruges in Belgium. Visit the Scandinavian countries - Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark and Benelux countries - theNetherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg


Welcome to the world's most visited region. There is grandeur in everything - heritage buildings, unbelievable architecture, a confluence of culture and fashion. While Paris and London are a given, there's a lot more to this region. Experience the  England we only read in Enid Blyton novels, the castles of Ireland, the highlands and bagpipers of Scotland, the grandeur of Paris where no two constructions look the same and shop on the capital street for fasion - Champs Elysees Experience the fastest running train of the world - TGV. Visit these cultural behemoths - United Kingdom, France and Ireland. 


Plush green meadows with cattle grazing adjoining a crystal clear lake with beautifully adorned houses overlooking snow capped mountains - and all of this in the same frame. This region is the essence of continental Europe, one every Indian has longed to go since DDLJ times. However, this region is a lot more -  the musical city of Salzburg, the Swiss Alps, German Alps and Austrian Alps, the splendor of Vienna, the Autobahns and castles of Germany. DO NOT MISS the heart of Europe -  Germany, Switzerland, Austria.


For years behind the Iron Curtain,  this part of Europe bears little resemblance with the others. Relatively unexplored and only a recent entrant on the travel map of Europe, everything about this region is different -  even the people. The experience however remains rich! Visit the finest cities of the world in Prague and Budapest, experience the feel of Gdansk, take a cruise on the Danube river. For the mature traveller - Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia, Slovenia, Croatia.

Europe off the Beaten Path!!