WhereThe French Riviera
WhyAzure blue seas, clear blue skies, luxury resorts, lovely sea side Promenade, mix of Italian heritage and history 
For whomBeach lovers, walkers, shoppers
How long2-3 days
Best seasonAll year round except peak winter
Likely cost per personEuro 300-350 (Rs 24,000 - 28,000)


Approximate cost per person (2 days)In EuroIn INR
Internal Travel10800

culinary experience in nice

Nice provides plenty of options for food for all budgets and really it is not necessary to plan your meal, even for vegetarians. We would particularly want to recommend Restaurant Noori's, about 5 min walk from the Promenade for an authentic Indian meal. 

Eating Options

RestaurantNoori'sLa Taverne MassenaCafes in Old Town
Price (for 2 in Euro)40-5030-4020-30
Location5 min walk to PromenadeRight on Place MassenaIn Old Town
AmbienceOption of open air dining and indoorsOption of open air dining and indoors
Open air in the middle of happening part of town
Quality of foodExcellentExcellentMixed
orientation to nice

For a traveler, there are four distinctive areas – all of which are with 1-2 kms of each other. The Promenade des Anglais, Place Massena, the Old town and The Port area. 
  • The Promenade is the happening Nice – for a long stroll along the beach. This is filled with high end shopping, high end hotels and not to miss - lots of tourists!
  • The Old town also known as the Vieux Nice has small streets with  cafes, shops, restaurants and bars. A must see is the Cours Saleya, an open air plaza with flea markets, restaurants, pubs and the Chapel of Misericordia 
  • Place Massena is a large completely pedestrianised square, only 2 min walk from the Promenade des Anglais  with checked white and black tiling filled with high end restaurants and also the spot for public events. 
things to do in nice - day 2

Many times a route may also be a destination. The trip along the Grand Corniche in Cote d’Azur is just that. The road linking Nice to almost the Italian border in the east is the Grand Corniche, which clings on to the rocks between the sea and the sky. The blue sky merging with the azure blue sea with houses looking onto them is one of the most breathtaking views one may ever see not only across Europe but all over the world. Many tourists have voted it as the “Most Romantic Road in the World”. 

The Grand Corniche is the highest, the Basse Corniche (Base Corniche) is almost at sea level and the Moyenne Corniche is in between the two. All the three road offer different perspectives of the French Riviera and also different stops in between. We would recommend a drive from Nice by the Grand Corniche and returning by the Moyenne Corniche for the perfect round trip. On the Grand Corniche, a detour to Eze, a small village perched atop a hill would offer breathtaking views of the azure blue sea merging with the skies. On the way back, take a small detour to Villefranche, a small resort town. 

If you are a seasoned driver, you can drive yourself. If not so confident, hire a car with a chauffer from the Gare Nice Ville (Nice Railway Station). A whole day cab hire may be expensive (usually upward of Euro 150 per vehicle). 

experience the FRENCH RIVIERA - DAY 3

The French Riviera is a lovely place and once done with Nice, one can move on to other locations. Day 3 offers you plenty of options

Day trips from Nice

How far from Nice30 kms to the west20 kms to the east20 kms to the west
What to expectSandy white beaches and the home of the International Film FestivalHome of the world's wealthiest! Casinos and beachesPable Picasso museum atop a fortress overlooking the sea
How to get hereLignes d'Azur buses take a little over an hour. Option to arrive by train as wellLignes d'Azur buses take a little over an hour. Option to arrive by train as well
Lignes d'Azur buses take less than  an hour. Option to arrive by train as well
CostEuro 1.5 by bus. About Euro 5-6 by trainEuro 1.5 by bus. About Euro 5-6 by train
Euro 1.5 by bus. About Euro 5-6 by train

The Nice Bike Tours are an excellent way to orient yourself to Nice.  Take the 10 am tour to give yourself plenty of time in Nice. Courtesy: Nice Bike Tours

Hotel Mercure Promenade des Anglais is a Four Star hotel and has an enviable location right opposite the Promenade and only a couple of minutes walk to Place Massena.   Courtesy: Hotel Mercure Promenade des Anglais

The view of the resort town of Villefranche on the Moyenne Corniche could be an ideal stop for medieval town experience with narrow alleyways and red tiles homes 

The view of the little town of Eze, perched at the top of a hill offers stunning views of the Meditterranean sea, on the way from Nice to Menton on the Grand Corniche is a must stop on your drive along the Grand Corniche Courtesy: Eze Tourism 

The stunning view from the Grand Corniche - the highest of the three routes linking Nice to Menton near the Italian border. The other routes include the Basse Corniche - at sea level and the Moyenne Corniche in between the two 

Restaurant Noori's for an authentic Indian meal  Courtesy: OTC Nice

The Cours Saleya in Old town for restaurants, pubs and flea markets Courtesy: OTC Nice

The rooms of Hotel Boscolo Exedra Nice themed white are luxurious and relaxing  Courtesy: Boscolo Exedra Nice

The narrow streets of the Vieux Nice (Old Town) filled with cafes and shops are reminiscent of Italian town planning  Courtesy: OTC Nice

Place Massena - ​the black and white chequered Italian style pedestrianised square in the heart of Nice filled with high-end restaurants. Also the spot for public events Courtesy: OTC Nice

things to do in nice - day 1

First things first. Always take an orientation of the city. And conducted tours help in this endeavour. These tours start at 10 am in the morning and conclude just before lunch time. . One can get a fair orientation on the city and this tour shall take you around almost all of Nice starting from the Promenade, through the old town, up the hill for panoramic views, on the way back past Place Massena before concluding at the Promenade. 

Guided Tour options

ToursNice Cycle ToursSegway Mobilboard Nice
Cost (Euro)3050
Duration3 hours2 hours
Fun QuotientVery goodExcellent
Quality of GuidesExcellentGood
Value for moneyExcellentGood

Much of the old town is shut in the afternoon as people catch up on their siesta and it is probably a good time to take rest in the confines of the hotel. Come evening, it is time to venture into the old town (Vieux Nice). The old town is a pedestrianised area characterized by small lanes with shops, cafes, small eateries and plenty of shopping. Many of the staircased lanes are reminiscent of the Italian influence on this area. Spend some time here, have a cup of coffee / glass of wine and just soak in the atmosphere. Particularly for shopping, look for watches (could be as cheap as Euro 10) and purses (Euro 20 and more).

​​But people come to Nice for its night life. Later in the evening, take a walk along the Promenade. With the cool breeze blowing, lights shining and cars whizzing by, groups of people singing and this walk was the highlight of our trip. The best walk could be to start opposite the Mercure Hotel and walk right till the Radisson Blu Hotel (about 2.5 kms) and back.

If you are a gambler, try the Casino Du Palais De La Méditerranée about 300 metres from the Mercure Hotel. It has more than 200 slot machines and also Roulette and Black Jack tables. Proof of age is mandatory. 

  8. culinary experience in nice
  11. experiencE FRENCH RIVIERA - DAY ​3

  • Only the tourists use the taxis and the taxi drivers know it. There are plenty of stories on how tourists have been fleeced by taxi drivers in and around Nice

  • Use public transportation to the extent possible. The Lignes d’Azur bus lines offer extremely cheap bus tickets – Euro 1.50 for upto 74 minutes in bus. So practically one may reach Cannes, Monaco or Antibes in Euro 1.50 per person

  • ​Look for watches (could be as cheap as Euro 10) and purses (Euro 20 and more) in the old town. The watches are of excellent quality and long lasting, great to carry back home to gift near and dear ones
where to stay in nice

If your budget permits, stay close to the Promenade. If  you have more money to spare choose a room that faces the sea and you will be left with an unforgettable holiday. Normally, the farther one is willing to stay from the Promenade, the cheaper it gets. In general, Nice is an expensive city. Even 2 star hotel rooms below Euro 50-60 per night is difficult. But Nice is not where one must watch his wallet too much.

Accommodation Options

HotelBoscolo ExedraMercure PromenadeIbis Vieux Port Auberge de Jeunesse
Price per night per room (Euro)18012090-10025 per person
Location5 min walk from railway stn and PromenadeRight opposite Promenade15 min walk to Promenade30-40 min walk
Value for moneyVery goodExcellentGoodGood

Nice has excellent connectivity. The Nice airport is fairly busy and has good connections from almost anywhere in France. Direct flights are also possible from most of Europe and cheaper options available on Easyjet. However, if you are already in France, chances are you would like to get here by the super efficient French TGV trains zipping past the countryside.

ParisChoose either the overnight train leaving Paris at 9 30 pm and reaching Nice Ville at 8 30 am or day train options taking little under 6 hours on the TGVIf booked in advance, overnight train costs Euro 40 and the day train costs Euro 36
GenevaDirect TGV takes less than 6 hoursEuro 35
LyonDirect TGV takes less than 4 hours
Euro 35

  • See Nice by night

  • Take a trip along the Grand Corniche

  • Take a long walk along the Promenade

  • Gamble in the casino

  • Shop for cheap purses and watches in the Old Town (Vieux Nice)

  • Sip on the French wine at Beaujolais Noveau or have the traditional North Italian Socca (vegetarian)

The lovely seaside Promenade des Anglais build by the British more than 100 years ago​ - for a long stroll along the Meditteranean Courtesy: OTC Nice

The Nice Harbour - a place to walk and take ferries to the French Riviera Courtesy: OTC Nice


Nice (pronounced Nizza by the locals) is a French Riviera city, located deep in the south of France on the Mediterranean coast, less than an hour’s drive away from the Italian border. Nice was an integral part of the Kingdom of Savoy (modern day Italy) till in the 1880s when it was formalized as a French city. As one moves around the city and the old town, the Italian influence is there for all to see and the city too makes no attempt to hide its Italian heritage.

​​For most, Nice is synonymous with the azure blue sea, rocky beaches, luxury hotels and walking on the Promenade des Anglais (the palm tree filled beach front Promenade made by the British many years perfect for a beach side stroll). But dig deeper and one would discover the real Nice - the one with stark diversity between the old and new. Go deep in the old town (Vieux Nice) with many staircased streets reminiscent of its Italian influence, go art shopping in the numerous street side museums where one may even meet the artists, sip on French wine, shop around. Nice is colour, culture, food and a lot more!
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