Europe off the Beaten Path!!

Literature, fashion, culture and technology: William Shakespeare was born in England and had most of his work written here. One can even catch on the plays of Shakespeare at Stratford-Upon-Avon in Warwick in England. 

Take a ride in the French TGV trains, arguably the world's fastest. For people covering both these countries, do not forget to zip from London to Paris in a Eurostar in just a little over two hours.

Paris is the fashion capital of the world and an ardent follower would notice how seriously the French take their fashion. Everything from designer clothes to perfumes is tried first here. 

Off the Beaten Path: How about experiencing the Bagpipers in Scotland in their traditional dresses, deep into the heart of Scotland in Aberdeen?

Exotic:For a different experience, try out the Ghost Tours offered by many UK Castles which tread into the realm of the Paranormal!
Do not worry though, there is nothing so haunted about them!!

Or try the Roman Baths in the city of Bath, about a couple of hours west of London. The city is perfectly preserved and also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. 

Western Europe

The erstwhile rulers of the world and a tourists' delight. Welcome to the world's most visited region. There is grandeur in everything - heritage buildings, unbelievable architecture, a confluence of culture and the capital of fashion. Experience the  England we only read in Enid Blyton novels, the castles of Ireland, the highlands and bagpipers of Scotland (one of four countries making up United Kingdom), the grandeur of Paris where no two constructions look like the other and take a walk down the Champs Elysees, the fashion capital of the world. Experience the fastest running train of the world - TGV. Visit these cultural behemoths - UK, France and Ireland. 

What to expect:

Grandeur: Everything about these former rulers of the world is grand. A visit to Paris and London can enthrall anyone with its grandeur and architecture. While these are not off the beaten path, these are must dos!

Off the Beaten Path: Enchanted by London, travelers miss Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland in UK, touted as the "Athens of the North" and a superb mix of the medieval and the modern. An architecture lover should visit Strasbourg in France, whose town centre is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

History: The region is seeped in history. Both the UK and France have had colonial pasts and long history. Both these countries player pivotal roles in the World Wars. A historical tourist has a lot to get. 

Off the Beaten Path: Head into old England to experience the history of yore. Many of the castles of yore remain untouched and a tourist can get a flavour of medieval England. Many tours now offer "Ghost tours" with stories of how these castles came to be haunted many hundred years ago. 


Nature: The Alps jut into South East France and offer good relaxation opportunities for a traveler in excellent resorts. In England, the Lake District is a famous tourist destination, as the name suggests inundated with lakes. 

Off the Beaten Path: Drive deep into Scotland to experience the Highlands - beautiful in its own unique way. Or try the Isle of Skye, with its excellent landscapes, definitely off the Beaten Path. 

Or how about seeing the See Monster - in the Loch Ness in Inverness in Scotland, stories of whom have been passed on over centuries. 

Beaches: The French Riviera has excellent beaches, exotic resorts and great night life.