Europe off the Beaten Path!!

Stone paved roads garnished with a colourful canvas of half timbered houses on the banks of a beautiful canal providing the perfect romantic setting to sip into authentic Alsatian wine. Sounds familiar? Throw in history dating back a 1000 years, city adorned with statues designed by none other than Bartholdi (of the Statue of Liberty fame), a world class music scene, a thriving arts culture and arguably the finest wine experience in France. As a tourist you cannot go wrong in Colmar, a jewel in the Crown of Alsace on the eastern border of France with Germany. 

Nestled about an hour south of Strasbourg, in the Alsace province of France lies Colmar, one of the most under-rated tourist destinations in Europe. Colmar is also the harbinger of anomalities.   ...Continue Reading

With a rich heritage, deep history, incredible culture and to add to that fine music, arts and culture and arguably the finest culinary experience in the world, the Italian Lake District is a rather undersrated and much under appreciated area in Italy. 

Nestled exactly halfway between Milan and Venice and only thirty minutes from Verona, right at the foothills of the Alps with an option to go up to the Mount Baldo with turquoise waters, colourful homes, winding roads all running parallel to fine promenades, harbours and waterfronts and an eco system  full of cafes, bards, trattorias, pizzerias and shops and closeness to the mountains, Lake Garda is EuropeUnexplored's favourite lake destination on the Italian Lake District!!

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If history ever has an award for its poster child, Berlin would be one of the topmost contenders to win it. Espionage, extremism, war, agony, greed, plunder, Berlin has been at the forefront of some of the greatest battles mankind has witnessed. War and extremism are not solutions and Berlin is the living testament to that. 

Today's Berlin is a stable and vibrant megalopolis standing as a symbol of world peace - a fantastic transformation in just two decades. The Berlin Wall,  a thing of the past, Berlin is now recognized as an emerging centre for arts and culture, filmmakers throng the Berlin Film Festival each year, an example of world class infrastructure and a haven for fashionistas. But scrape the surface and the differences between the East Berlin and West Berlin are still evident. For the history lover, Berlin is Nirvana!   ...Continue Reading

Recognised as a UNESCO World Heritage site, Hallstatt is the jewel of Salzkammergut. Situated on the bank of the pristine  Hallstattersee (Lake Hallstatt), Hallstatt is a very small village with no more than a 1000 locals, no traffic, only a couple of hotels and plenty of home stay options. Even at a leisurely pace one end of Hallstatt to the other is a 15 minute walk. 

Most people come to Hallstatt to experience the Austrian way of life (Gemutlichkeit) and appreciate the finer aspects of life - strolling, boating, hiking, gazing at gazing at this gem of nature, losing the sense of time, music, and relaxing.  ...Continue Reading

"Garmisch-Partenkirchen (Ga-Pa) is a beautiful little mountain resort town nestled in the south of Germany, in the middle of the German Alps, a little under two hours in train from Munich.  The town also provides for the perfect gateway to the tallest peak in Germany - Zugspitze. 

Beside the scenic location, what makes this town enchanting are the numerous Bavarian styled homes, exteriors of which are beautifully painted with religious or historic paintings. Lush green meadows with cattle grazing, thatched roofs with artistic paintings, Bavarian culture, German Imperial history, fine dining - Ga-Pa epitomises the  quintessential European experience...Continue Reading

​​For most, Nice is synonymous with the azure blue sea, rocky beaches, luxury hotels and walking on the Promenade des Anglais (the palm tree filled beach front Promenade made by the British many years perfect for a beach side stroll). But dig deeper and one would discover the real Nice - the one with stark diversity between the old and new. Go deep in the old town (Vieux Nice) with many staircased streets reminiscent of its Italian influence, go art shopping in the numerous street side museums where one may even meet the artists, sip on French wine, shop around. Nice is colour, culture, food and a lot more!...Continue Reading

Bruges (or Brugge as the locals call it) is a fairytale town in the Flanders region of Belgium also known as the "Venice of the North".

Cobblestone streets, canals, horse carriages, colourful buildings, Bruges is a throwback to the medieval times. Undisturbed by the bombings in the second world war, Bruges has retained its charm across centuries. Incredible history, terrific scenery and super friendly locals, Bruges is the picture perfect stop on any tour to Europe.  ...Continue Reading